The Survivors Trust

About The Project

The Survivors Trust is a national umbrella organisation supporting sexual violence support services. This includes providing training, support, and guidance to organisations as well as ensuring they met their service standards. In 2023 they were commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to provide support and training to qualified Independent Sexual Violences Advisors (ISVAs).

My Role

I was commissioned to develop and delivered four trainings on the theme of self care. This included a sessions on: Self Care and Collective Care, Self Care and Sexual Violence, Self Care and the Criminal Justice System, and Self Care for ISVA Managers. These sessions last 2.5 hours and include an accompanying workbook with additional tools and resources.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about The Survivors Trust visit their website.


Click here to access the Self Care and Collective Care 101 workbook.

Click here to access the Self Care and Sexual Violence workbook.