Why language matters for those in the VAWG sector

A green word search grid with the words survivors, funder, service and researcher highlighted in pink

Often I see terms like ‘clients’ or ‘service users’ across the VAWG sector. Whilst not incorrect terms both set up a position of power – a giver and a receiver. This unfortunately has consequences down the line especially when trying to think about how to ensure the needs of victim-survivors come first. For example, I […]

So you want to improve your engagement…

Four hands of different races holding four jigsaw pieces to make a complete puzzle

I am often contacted to support organisations improve their engagement with victim-survivors of violence and abuse (and it’s work I absolutely love doing) but there are things that come up time and time again as traps that people fall into when doing this kind of work. So here are some of the things to consider ahead […]

Lived experience engagement explained

The think local act personal ladder which outlines the levels of co-production

What is lived experience engagement? Lived experience engagement (sometimes termed expert by experience engagement) is often used as another way to say ‘co-production’, however I’d also argue that sometimes the two are not the same. Co-production is a term used within the statutory and charitable sector to describe the process of ensuring that the voices […]