Violence Against Women & Girls Expert. Ex-Chief Executive. Lived Experience Consultant. Feminist. Activist. Vegan. Runner. Cyclist. Swimmer. Aspiring triathlete. Roller derby skater. Music obsessive. Writer. Podcast maker. Queer. Insomniac. Survivor…

There are many labels I could give myself and I am all this and more.

My working life has been spent in the fields of mental health and the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) sector, focusing specifically on issues of sexual violence. I’ve also worked as a ‘Lived Experience Expert/Expert by Experience’ as a trainer and consultant in both areas. I’m experienced in strategy and development, public speaking and media work, as well as fundraising and events management.

I am currently the Lived Experience Involvement Consultant to the Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network based at King’s College, London, and am doing a similar piece of work for Oxfordshire County Council, alongside other freelance work. I am currently a Trustee for Aylesbury Vale & Milton Keynes Sexual Assault and Abuse Support Service and I’m one of the Survivor Services Representative for NOTA. I previously held the role of Chief Executive Officer of Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre (OSARCC) and as a Trustee for Rape Crisis England & Wales.

I’m a PhD student researching child abuse at London Metropolitan University, and I also completed an MA in Women & Child Abuse at London Metropolitan University passing with a distinction. My research areas focus on sexual abuse, lived experience, survivor status, and dual identities. I hold graduate membership of the British Psychological Society, having undertaken a BSc in Psychology with English, I also hold an MA in Creative Writing, and am a member of the British Sociological Society.

In my spare time I’m an ultra marathon runner, a coach for new skaters on my roller derby team, and a regular adult and junior parkrun volunteer as well as acting as a volunteer event ambassador and I’m passionate about the power of sport to transform lives. I’m the Co-Founder of More Than The Music – a collective of women music journalists and photographers, and a Co-Host of Thank Folk For Feminism, a podcast exploring the intersect between folk music and feminism. I have previously volunteered with Girl Guiding UK, and was a trustee for the National Self Harm Network.


I’m available for consultancy work, research, and public speaking engagements. If you’re interested in working together in any capacity, please contact me using the contact form on this website.