Violence Against Women
& Girls (VAWG) expert.

Consultant  │  Activist  │  Researcher  │  Speaker

I am lisa ward.

A Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG) expert with a particular interest in ‘lived experience’ engagement. I have worked in the charity sector for more than a decade, focusing on issues related to both sexual violence and mental health. I’m an activist, a consultant, a public speaker, and a researcher who likes nothing more than attempting to dismantle the patriarchy in a variety of ways. Read more about me.

This website serves as a space to bring together my (sometimes rambling) thoughts on all things related to co-production/lived experience engagement, as well as a space to learn more about me and the projects I am or have been involved in.


I’m available for a range of work on both long and short term contracts and can offer a range of services relating to both lived experience /co-production and charity development including:

  • Lived experience engagement including:
    • direct work with victim-survivors;
    • in house engagement work;
    • strategic reviews and development;
    • polices;
    • planning.
  • Cross organisation strategic development work.
  • Team building and away day facilitation.
  • Training on a range of different VAWG related subject areas.
  • Public speaking and workshop delivery.
  • Research, monitoring, and evaluation work.